Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's change it up a bit - an event of direct questions to the candidates

You know how the debates don't always tell you what you, the conscientious voter, wants to know? Let's make a change for at least one forum so you do hear what you need to hear.

During Presidential debates, we hear a lot of questions, but quite often the answers given, aren't to the questions asked. Too often the host of the debate lets it slide, moving on when in fact the question wasn't even answered. Doesn't that annoy the heck out of you? If not, it should.

There is usually a coin toss and the winner decides who gets to go first. While one candidate is answering a question, the other candidate has the time to think about an answer longer than the other. So, one might sound better on a topic, more informed, or even smarter than the other depending who had time to gather their thoughts, then perhaps vice versa when it's their turn to have time to ponder on the next question. I don't like that, do you?

Sometimes the same question isn't asked of both candidates. I don't know about you, but I'd like to know what each candidate's answer might be, not a luck of a draw from a hat of what their question could be. Every issue matters to me and I'd like to know what the candidate running for the highest office stands for on each issue asked about. Same question - then an answer - simple.

Debates most often aren't giving us, the voters, what we want to hear. A question is asked and before long there is bantering back and forth, quite often losing many of us in the midst. Many viewers end up not knowing what the heck the candidates said. And even more annoying, some candidates end up saying not much of anything if you really were able to listen and hear them talk during their bickering. If they're going to spew nothing significant, I want to hear that, too.

What starts out as a Presidential debate becomes a different type of competition. It becomes one of who gets the last word, talks the loudest, or sounds the most clever.

So what do we do? I'd like to see a different type of question and answer forum. At least one. Let's put each candidate in a sound proof booth. Let's give each candidate the question and allow them a certain amount of time to tell us their view and explain their platform on the issue asked about. Then ask the exact same question of the other candidate in the same manner.

And the part I love the most - no candidate would be allow to talk about their opponent or their opponent's stance on the issues. Each can only answer based on their own platform and only talk about their own plans for the future of our country. If they start to bring up their opponents platform, then they're muted immediately, or better yet let's zap them with a buzzer and mute them in the process. Perhaps they should be put on a 7 second delay so they cannot slide in a dig.

We've all gotten so annoyed with the politics of last 8 years that change is needed in more ways than one and for me this would be a refreshing one. In this type of meeting there would be no time for the arguing or spewing bullshit that I personally rather not hear and I'm sure you don't either. I'd like to hear the answers from both candidates on the important issues without all the clutter. How about you?

Obama's Berlin Speech July 24, 2008

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet the Bloggers - featuring Arianna Huffington - Issue: Karl Rove: In Contempt

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