Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mr. Speaker, are you listening?

This letter may go unnoticed, or unread by Mr. Boehner, but not by me.... and hopefully not by many of you. 

It touches on what's wrong right now in politics, Politicians not paying attention to their constituents. Unfortunately many (or most) of those same constituents will remain clueless, not realizing they're continually being neglected, ignored, believing that who they voted for are truly representing them. Instead these politicians like Mr. Boehner continue voting against those they represent. Instead lining their own pockets with money.

Here is someone that does pay attention. Here is someone that has been greatly hurt by this economy. Here is someone that does care about what happens in this country, not just for himself but for the good of the country - so much so he listens to what every politician/party has to say, quite often for hours unending, even if it is sometimes painful to listen to hoping that with wisdom they make the right decisions. Unfortunately that does not seem like it'll happen anytime soon.

A note and then the letter to Mr. Boehner, authored by Robert Manthey:

I know it's not going to do a thing but believe it or not, I follow him on Twitter and I get his newsletters now, or I will be.  Call me a masochist, I like to keep up.  Anyway, I sent this letter to the Speaker of the House today.  Do you think he'll reconsider his ways now?  Me either.

Mr. Boehner:

While I am a lifelong Democrat, I do believe that respect for everyone is a challenge we must meet and attempt every day of our lives.  I feel it is my job, as a voter and a citizen, to point out that I honestly don't see that even being attempted by you and your Congress.  Now I understand that we aren't likely to agree on everything and probably not anything, and that's okay, as long as it's done in a civil and open way, but in this Congress it's not.  You have shackled yourself to the Tea Party instead of taking control of it, which means you have lost control of what you were made the Speaker of...the House.  You and your party have lost your souls to the Oil companies.  Justify for me how anyone in politics can defend continuing tax breaks and loopholes for those who don't need them, for those making billions in profits every year.  Tell me why the upper 2% of a population of well over 300 million (yes, I know that includes children and disabled) have all the wealth and yet when he have this enormous deficit, the Congress passes bill after meaningless bill to make it so impossible to receive a Constitutionally guaranteed medical procedure, every bit as legal as having a vasectomy or an appendectomy,. whether or not you approve of the procedure.  Your position certainly has NOTHING to do with jobs.  I'm 54 years old, out of work for over a year, slim prospects without a college education and someone who has worked hard but waited tables his entire life.  Doesn't leave a lot of openings for a hard working American who started working at his father's bar also, in Milwaukee, at the age of 13, doing exactly what you did, sir.

So, please, enough of the shenanigans.  Enough of Paul Ryan and his WI henchmen who have worked tirelessly to destroy the state I hail from and one that I'm very proud of it's history, current and past.  Let's get back to legislating and leave the demagoguery to the Tea Party.  Let them blather on all they want.

As a lifelong Democrat, I would welcome "I am not a Crook" Richard Nixon back from the dead and into the White House any day over these whatever they call themselves running for president on your party ticket.  Sarah Palin, please.  Michele Bachmann?  I'm literally laughing at that one.  The men?  I'm glad  Daniels isn't running, probably the best chance of them all.  Trump?  He should have been told to shut up, and then been dismissed by your party and yes, ignored by the press.

I hope you read this and take it to heart, at least to the point of knowing that I'm very serious in my feelings and opinions.  I am a very strong supporter of Barack Obama.  I will vote for him again.  I know you disagree, that's one of the things that is still great about our country, but I see the improvement of what was a decimated country left to us by a puppet president who was ruled by a heartless and ruthless VP.  Those were scary times, but nothing like what happened after the election, at the hands of a new party that popped up and was embraced by the Republicans and still is, The Tea Party, with members like Michele Bachmann who has proved time and again that she didn't pay attention in U.S. History classes.


I'm sure as was pointed out by a mutual friend of ours that once it is revealed this was written by a Democrat it'll be ignored by the Speaker. But that does NOT make it any less true or relevant.

Are you saying what you need to say? Are you speaking up? Let your voices be heard. Do NOT be silent.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOK News Channel - Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Bin Laden

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My new found FREE apps I just MUST share:

If you haven't gotten the Waze app yet - it's a voice navigation system for your smart phone and it works pretty well so far. And did I mention it's FREE? Amazing.

HBO GO from HBO is a keeper. If you subscribe to HBO all you do is log into your provider, sign up and voila view many movies and shows from your computer, iPad and/or smart phone. Watched a few shows/movies myself already! I mean, if you're paying for HBO and can't be at home to watch, it's great that you can do so other ways!

Crackle - watch TV shows and Movies. Haven't tried my download yet, but a reliable source told me it works great!

Price Watch - lets you know when iPhone apps prices come down or the previously paid apps are listed as FREE!! Never miss out on a sale again! Updated all the time!

Of course my favorites I use daily and think they're absolute must haves for every phone: Dropbox, Evernote, Words With Friends, Tripit ....I could go on, but those are all the top of my use list now and have for quite some time.

What's your favorites? Please post and share here. I'd love to know what you like and love new apps to try!