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Beginner and Instruction guides:

          How to say more than 140 charcters:
    • XLTweet When you just have more to say, but don't want to blog it, just 'XLTweet it!'
    • Or..... if you need to write out a longer Twitter link to a blog!
    • TwitWall when you don't have time for a full blog 
    • Twitlonger post long messages to Twitter without the need to write a blog post.
    • Shrink urls UPDATE: Twitter now shortens links for you, too!
    • Twit this You can add this bookmark to your browser toolbar to easily send a message through Twitter about any page you are viewing.
          Use Symbols in your Twitter:
          Schedule your Tweets:
    • TweetDeck allows you to schedule tweets right in TweetDeck
    • hootsuite social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks
    • twuffer Twuffer allows users to schedule tweets to be sent out at desired times and dates.
    • 13 Best Social Media Management Tools Here you might find another management tool you prefer.
          Distribute your blog to Twitter, Facebook and more:
          Erase your Tweets:
    • TweetEraser it has the option to search for and delete tweets in bulk from your Twitter timeline based certain dates, or tweets that contain a certain text string or hashtag.
    • Twitlan no options, just sign in,  select some or all and delete.
    • Delete My Tweets sign in and delete them all.
    • Twit Wipe Similar to TweetEraser, TwitWipe allows you to delete every tweet you've ever posted without the hassle of deleting your Twitter account and starting over. (NOTE: have read sometimes it hangs so not sure if it will work for you).
          Share Status Updates:  From Twitter to Facebook app:     
    • Selective Twitter as you update Twitter you can update Facebook by adding a #fb at the end of your comment on Twitter!
          Search Twitter; search using #hashtags:
            Job Search:
    •  #TweetMyJob #TweetMyJobs #Jobs #Jobangels #JobHunters - follow the hashtag(s) for jobs
    • Twesume a short bio or resume condensed into 140 characters or less.
    • TwitterJobSearch Job search engine right within Twitter. Also offers free iPhone app
    • TwitJobSearch combs Twitter for job postings. It works like most job search sites. Enter a search term and click Search 
    • Twitter tips: Using Twitter to job hunt -Links within this article you'll use though it says Jobsearch
          Tweeple in your area:
         Directories to register or search for others:
           Just for fun:
    • Twitter Flip It - Flips Text Upside Down
    • Friend Mossaic they make awesome mosaics of your Twitter profile picture using the pictures of your friends and followers.
            Live feed twitters:
           Follows and followers:
      • - Who's not following you back? Who aren't you following?
      • WhoUnfollowedMe Track Twitter Unfollowers 
      • JustUnfollow  Track who is following or not following you back. Easily remove those who are not.
      • DoesFollow - Find out who follows whom on Twitter
      • Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter
      • Tweepi Flush the unfollowers, cleanup the inactives, follow new tweeps
      • Twunfollow TwUnfollow notifies you about Twitter followers that are not following you any longer.
            See your ranking or others:
            Miscellaneous Tools
           Articles of lists of Applications and Tools:

      iPhone Apps - free:
      Twitter in the Classroom: