Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Giveaway! The Joy of ME time!


Update- winners announced! See below!

I've been a long time lover of Oregon Chai and recently because Oregon Chai is on a mission to help people find a little "Me Time",  I was delighted when they sent me - no strings attached gifts: 

  1. a double-walled acrylic reusable (BPA-free!) 
  2. iced tea cup, 
  3. a mug, 
  4. a USB-powered mug warmer, 
  5. a 10-oz. sample of chai,
  6. a flash drive 
  7. and a mood ring! 

How cool is that?! 

And as an added bonus
I'll be able to share a couple wonderful prizes
in a Giveaway with you from Oregon Chai! 
There will be 2 winners!

  • 1: 10-oz. canister sample paired with the hot mug:  

  •  1: 10-0z. sample with the double-walled acrylic reusable iced tea cup:

Please read instructions completely so your entries count!

Many ways to enter. Please comment below this contest to let me know where you enter, user name, etc. so your entry isn't missed!

Mandatory to enter and your first entry: You must Follow this blog - see upper right column to "Follow" 

Plus you may do one or all of each of the following for additional entries:

  1. Blog about this Giveaway and link back to this page!
  2. Follow @JanSKay on Twitter and retweet "I entered the @JanSKay Oregon Chai Joy of Me #giveaway here: Each Tweet equals 1 entry, limit 2 a day! Ends 8/9 PlsRT!"
  3. Follow @OregonChai on Twitter
  4. Share on Facebook daily, limit 2 a day - linking to this Giveaway!
  5. Share your favorite way to fix Oregon Chai in the comments below! 
REMINDER: Please make sure you comment below, telling me of all your entries for them to count!

Please check back often for possible new ways to enter!

(Random generator will be used for ties!)