Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joe Biden in New Port Richey, FL on 10-27-08

Joe Biden in New Port Richey, FL on 10-27-08 - Phone Videos

The first part above I recorded with a camera but these phone videos I took after my camera card was full:

From Joe Biden Phone videos and photos

From Joe Biden Phone videos and photos

From Joe Biden Phone videos and photos

From Joe Biden Phone videos and photos

Joe Biden in New Port Richey, FL on 10-27-08

Once again the Obama campaign has a positive approach to it's campaign. Joe Biden delivered much the same as Barack Obama - speaking only on the issues, and telling us what to expect from an Obama/Biden Administration.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bush Lied, Soldiers Keep Dying

4,188 U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq
625 U.S. Military Fatalities in Afghanistan
30,838 U.S. Military Maimed in Iraq
(source: DoD Update as of October 15, 2008)
96,766 Iraqis Reported Killed
(source: Iraq Body Count)
1,273,378 Iraqis Reported Killed
(source: justforeignpolicy.org)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Make sure you base your vote on the truth!

You have the right to vote for who you want, but your vote should not be based on lies. Please check out every email you get, or every tidbit you hear about all candidates before you vote.

Barack Obama at Legends Field in Tampa, FL

Monday, October 20, 2008

Barack Obama at Legends Field, in Tampa, FL

Positive campaign, reflects a lot of positive energy from his supporters.

This is the 2nd rally I've attended and not only is Barack Obama proving himself to be the right choice by his plans for his Presidency and the future for the United States, but he also draws crowds of people that reflect the honor and dignity that he expels.

(Note: To view larger photos click the slide show to go to original files.)

We have heard so many negative comments from the McCain rallies that when I attended my first Obama rally back in September having never attended a rally before, I expected at least a little of the same, but nothing. Nada. Not a negative comment by anyone. I believe some might call this karma -we have a good man running so people follow his example.

Obama's positive message is already bringing positive results, and I would expect the same will follow even before he's sworn in as our next President.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Veteran Report Card

Are your Senators on the A-team or the D-list? Find out now at VeteranReportCard.org.Spread the word about these important grades- this is something every American should see. At VeteranReportCard.org, you can write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or tell your friends about the 2008 Congressional Report Card in less than a minute.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Tampa's WFLA "exclusive interview" with Sarah Palin feeds the propaganda

Tampa's WFLA "exclusive interview" with Sarah Palin feeds the propaganda

On Tampa Bay's NBC's WFLA affiliate, Keith Cate's interview of Sarah Palin on Monday, Oct. 6, was quite disappointing. Keith referred to it as a "candid interview", but by no means was it "candid", however I can see why it's an "exclusive interview", while the rest of the news media is being shunned and kept away from Sarah Palin, as well as also being kept out of today's event in Clearwater.

Keith Cate asked Sarah Palin about the "aggressive tone" of the campaign to come. Sarah said "the gloves were coming off". That is when Keith continued after the clip, as shown on air, with his comment about William Ayers, as "someone Barack Obama knew way back when", and "has distanced himself from in recent days". Those two comments not only completely contradict each other, but I hope and pray the majority of voters know the truth about the Williams Ayers story which Keith neglected to state correctly. Please make note that Barack Obama cannot distance himself from someone that is barely an acquaintance. To say that he distanced himself in the last few days is not only misleading, but yet another lie in a long list of lies in this election.

I long for the days when media reports the news in lieu of spreading lies and propaganda. Keith Cates should do a little research and if help is needed, I'd be more than happy to provide non-partisan fact check sites so as not to mislead viewers. This election is too important for lies to be told about any candidate.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Campaigning on deceit

No matter what your political preference is, the gutter politics have just got to stop. Why can't politicians campaign on their own merit alone? What a concept that would be.

Once again, I just read today how Palin is bringing up the Obama/Ayers supposed connection, as reported by the
AP: "Palin says Obama 'palling around' with terrorists". Wasn't that put to rest long ago? Will someone smack them upside the head and give McCain and Palin the information they're lacking so they quit campaigning on lies? Many fact checking sites have sorted those out long ago and they could easily take a moment to look them up and I'm more than willing to help get them started with just a few of the many sites: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/ ; http://www.factcheck.org/ ; http://www.snopes.com/ ; Urban Legends.

Of course, I know the McCain and Palin are banking on people believing the rhetoric. But how low can you go, misleading the sheep that way? And why is it that McCain and Palin have to belittle themselves constantly by reverting to lies about their opponents?

Yeah, I know, there are those that will believe anything that their preferred party has to say, and these same people won't take the time to investigate to find out what is true and what is not, but there comes a times when if nothing else everyone needs to really stop and look at the type of campaign they're running.

I'd be asking myself: 'Why do they have to stoop so low? Why not just tell me your platform and what you plan to do for our country? What kind of people are you that you have to crawl in the gutter to campaign?'

And something more important to me, I hate that people like McCain and Palin say they are Christians and behave in such a manner as they do. Their behavior does not represent the faith.

I long for a day when the news media no longer sensationalizes such propaganda, but instead does investigative reporting to give the readers and viewers truth and hard facts, because quite frankly most people won't do it on their own.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Results from Text message poll after the Biden/Palin debate

NBCNews- Tks 4 ur vote & here are the results: Which candidate helped their ticket the most?
77% Biden
23% Palin
text msg alerts from MSNBC/NBC

Thursday, October 2, 2008