Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Earn Points for doing what you already do online: shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more!   

 Your Daily Rewards Program

Since when does shopping pay you back? MyPoints members earn Points every time they shop from our network of top retailers. Join MyPoints to receive personalized deals every day, and reward yourself with gift cards, cash back or travel miles.

I joined in 1998 and I can't tell you how many gift cards I've earned over the years! I just turned in some of my points for $100 in gift cards to a few restaurants! 

You're missing out if you've not signed up yet, so don't wait any longer!

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1 comment:

Janis Kay said...

Oh, how I love getting free stuff for doing what I do anyway and get rewarded for it. Today in the mail I received my $50 gift card for Target and 2 $25 gift cards for Chili's! Total of $100! Been doing this since 1998. Cost me absolutely nothing but signing up long ago at MyPoints!