Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cloud Services

Access right from your browser, or most of these cloud services have software and apps to access easily directly from your PC or mobile devices.


Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox

Simplified sharing of those photos and files between you and a friend or a group of people. Access from your computer or your mobile device! Earn additional space! Sign up for free!
Use the Dropbox link above and we'll both get more free space!


Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find things fast

Search with a keyword, tag or even photo, or handwritten notes! Yes, it is Free!

Google Drive

 Keep everything. Share anything.

Get 5 GB for free

Sugar Sync

 Get 5 gig free to store and easily share you files! 

Earn additional space by referrals! 

Enables you to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and devices.


5 gigs FREE when you sign up. Invite folks get +1 GB free

Don't like that there isn't a link to share for referrals, you must email people directly from website.

Lets you sync all your files and folders across all your computers or through the cloud to keep you organized on the go.

Save photos, files, etc. in the cloud, for easy access anytime!

For a limited time. Sign up via my link and we'll both get extra free storage space!
And will earn an extra 5 GBs for completed referrals

50 gigs for free just for signing up!

Store and share files with no worry about running out of space any time soon!
No referrals to earn that space! You get 50 immediately for free!
Note: keep that password, no way to recover files if you lose it!

What's your favorite?

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