Monday, June 20, 2016

NRA advocates against sensible gun laws

#NeedtoKnow Many, many years ago the NRA used to be all about safety and strict gun legislation, which they actually helped create. That was until sometime in the mid 70s when the leadership changed.... The NRA then became nothing more than a lobbyist for the gun manufacturers, paying numerous Congress members a LOT of $ to destroy all that sensible gun legislation they'd previously helped create. So the result being more guns would be sold and they'd too profit from it due to being the lobbyist for gun manufacturers they've become. Lack of *sensible gun legislation results in people like the young man in FL that LEGALLY purchased an assault weapon, killing 49 people and himself. In case you missed it - After the Orlando mass shooting, when approached the NRA stuck to their guns (pun intended) saying that even a terrorist having been on, or currently on a watch list has the constitutional right to buy any weapon they choose. (side note that's a misinterpretation of the 2nd amendment as well, but I digress) So, when you give your hard earned money to the NRA, you, (un)intentional or not, are funding the NRA to advocate to allow mass murders like Omar Mateen to purchase anything, I repeat, anything he needs to kill with. If you do not want to shoulder the responsibility of such support resulting in mass murder as we saw in Orlando - If you are currently a member of the NRA, I implore you to contact the NRA asking that they support *sensible gun laws* (*that doesn't mean taking away your guns). By sensible I mean JUST that - if a person is on a no fly list they surely shouldn't be able to purchase a gun but the NRA says they should be allowed. When polled most of the people in the U.S. want sensible gun laws. The NRA just needs to hear your voice. The NRA pushes out rhetoric to confuse, don't allow it. And why is the NRA so powerful? Shouldn't we the people and our Congress be making these sensible laws? Not a corporate entity? #FoodForThought #NowYouKnow whether you do good or evil with the information is up to you. Sincerely.

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